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Whenever the Nokia Lumia 920 launched since January of 2013 ( for the Indian store at least), there was clearly a lot to love about the mobile, most of which became overshadowed by how larger and bulky the mobile. The size and weight was a reduction to lots, and Nokia accepted on that rather quickly. The phone’s superb innards were placed into a much thinner and lighter in weight body and what we always get is the Lumia 925. But is it really just a traditional cellphone in a brand new body or does the Lumia 925 carry something different to the platform?

Build and Structure :

We’ll require to tell that the Nokia Lumia 925 is truly one of the ideal appearing Nokia smartphones, thanks mainly to the aluminum body that encases it, while the metallic style and design get inappropriate as being a single looks at the phone’s back.

The min you pull this pup from the pack, the weight of the cell phone would be obvious to you almost instantly. When the Lumia 920 weighed in at a relatively high 185 grams, the Lumia 925 hardly ideas the ranges at 139 grams, and also is available in various rather restrained color choices, White, Black, and Grey, not like the 920 that was also provided in Red and Yellow variants. The White and Grey variants of the Lumia 925 look same aside from the color of the phone’s back plate. The new color options would
attract lots of buyers, specifically commercial users. Which might not seem like too big a significant difference in writing, yet believe us, when you hold the two or so phones in whether hands, the significant difference is starkly visible. The 2nd most obvious change between the 2 cams is the depth that’s been absorbing the Lumia 920. It’s the type of loss which would make each of us envious. The Lumia 920 calculates a great 10.7mm in depth, but the Lumia 925 calculates simply 8.5mm. The phone is actually as slim as the iPhone 5, that has also been impressing customers globally for it is the thin form issue.

We got the White Lumia 925 being our review device. The phone makes the essentially rectangular design of the many other Lumia phones, however, gets rid of the polycarbonate. Rather, the phone sports a strong aluminum frame with the brushed finish. The frame is curved all over and corners are rounded. The two black bands on both the left and right side of the phone that showcase the metallic frame.

The display on the Lumia 925 is an acquainted 4.5-inches in size, which we have confirmed to be rather very simple to manage with only one hand. It was usually a small hard to handle with the Lumia 920, usually due to the depth, however that the Lumia 925 is significantly thinner, it permits the thumb to strengthen away further easily. The side push buttons are too simple to access, no matter whether you will be right handed or even left.

At present in our substantial using the Nokia Lumia 920, the one thing we had come to be confident of was that the strong polycarbonate build made it close to non-breakable. Nicely, possibly not, however, we did relaxation simple that the thing could easily manage a drop or two from practical heights, but we’re not so confident if we can say the similar that the Lumia 925. The Lumia 925 swaps out the polycarbonate design situated on the Lumia 920 for an aluminium one, which explains why it’s like a light-weight product.

The side control keys on the Lumia 920 were made from Zirconium, a wonderfully hard scratch and dust protected material that also happens mostly to look pretty good. The control keys on the Lumia 925, however, are made from the similar machined aluminium like the body, so as to retain design. The control keys still sense extremely solid, with the journey getting just sufficient to appear relaxed. The camera control key a little bit of hard to push though, that could cause shake in case you use it to genuinely have a photo.

Software and Features :

The Nokia Lumia 925 totes the same Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 1.5 GHz dual-core processor as that present in the Lumia 920. It actually possesses the same 1GB of RAM. The distinction between the two models is the fact while the 920 also available in a 32 GB version, unfortunately, the Lumia 925 doesn’t. It only sports 16 GB of onboard storage space, without extension choices. The display retains the similar resolution of 1280×768 pixels across a 4 .5 inch surface area, resulting in relating 332 ppi of effectual pixel density. But, the Lumia 925 utilizes an AMOLED display rather than the IPS panel present in the Lumia 920. What this possesses efficiently generated is incredibly saturated colours that appear to pop appropriate from the screen, however, the comparison just isn’t pretty much that on the Lumia 920. There’s also a colour change while you change the watching angles on the phone, frequently casting a blue/green tint. When you’re a photographer, you may find this incredibly irritating.

The Lumia 925 occurs pre-loaded with the Amber upgrade for Windows Phone 8, that means you obtain all the amazing functions we stated in our in-depth check out the Amber update on the Lumia 920. Included in this is the capability to use the FM radio, the Nokia Smart Cam app, Nokia Professional Cam Data Feel etc. The Amber update additionally creates the capability to set color profiles for the display, something which numerous photographers might get handy, together with the capability to block calls and text messages from individual numbers, something everyone will definitely love.

The Lumia 925 is included with many exclusive ( and non-exclusive ) Nokia apps similar to HERE Drive+, HERE Maps and Nokia Music, and also other Nokia apps just like Nokia Care and HERE City Lens. We admire the HERE Drive app which offers offline navigation filled with turn-by-turn directions. As we stated in our previous testimonials, Nokia proceeds to set the benchmark in navigation apps, actually ahead of Google Maps.

Performance/ Battery Life :

The Lumia 925 is operated by a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor with 1GB RAM and Adreno 225 Graphics chip. There exists 16GB of internal storage, which probably, is not expandable. Windows Phone 8 is not a power desperate OS along with the hardware has been optimized forever overall performance. We did not expertise any specific lag at all while launching apps, playing games like Asphalt 7 Heat Gravity Guy and Jetpack Joyride, clicking pictures, scrolling web pages in Internet Explorer or switching between apps.

We were capable to enjoy full-HD clips, and formats similar to AVI are natively supported by the phone’s video player. The speaker delivers reliable quality sound at higher volume levels and the loudness is favorable.
Windows Phone 8 supports Bluetooth file exchanges. The phone also provides NFC features.
The call quality was first class and the phone managed to very easily latch onto the network even during poor network areas. We were really satisfied with the network coverage.

As the phone works splendidly on tasks of the daily usage kind, the true ability of the phone lies in its camera. The Lumia 925 has the similar imaging sensor as the Lumia 920, however, the lens design features an additional lens element, bringing the number up to six. This, Nokia states, assist the Lumia 925 perform much better in daylight hours, retains the flaring and ghosting to the very least and permits the camera to register the sharper pictures.

While we compared the cameras of the Lumia 925 and the Lumia 920, it was clear that when the photos from the Nokia Lumia 925 possesses lower saturation and contrast as compared to those from the Lumia 920, the content noticeable was the apparent corner sharpness. The lens design on the Lumia 925 absolutely does assist get much better edge sharpness, however, we’re unsure if people would like to deal that in for a great contrast and saturation level. A lot of the times, you may find yourself having to modify the images for better colour and contrast before you publish all of them on the web.

The phone includes a 2000mAh battery, and in our utilization, it lasted us a full workday. We charged the phone each morning, and our usage ranged from average to heavy, including 1-1 .5 hours of phone calls, three email accounts with push notifications, playing several pieces of music ( both on the phone and via Internet radio ), Twitter notifications and WhatsApp chats. It’s well worth highlighting that we had switched off Wi-Fi and the auto-brightness mode on. The phone was hooked to a 3G network. Obviously having the screen brightness at the highest possible level, signifies that the battery wearies a lot more rapidly. Altering these types of settings will help in running the phone for a longer period, based on your usage pattern.

Verdict :

The Nokia Lumia 925 is a hell of a performer if at all appearance could kill, the Lumia 925 could potentially be a serial killer. It is light, it is thin, it is simpler to use with one hand, however, the trade-off coming from all this amazingness is the fact it feels like a marginally far less strong phone compared to its older brother. The camera on the Lumia 925 finds it difficult to maintain the one on the Lumia 920 with regards to total image quality, but the lens on the Lumia 925 does seem to work just a little much better in terms of sharpness. Preferably, the Lumia 925 is made for those who’d would like the Windows Phone 8 expertise increased by an excellent camera in a slim and light body.

We do feel that the Lumia 925 really should have been the initial flagship Windows Phone device. That being said, it’s apparent that Nokia proceeds to innovate along with the major roadblock in the achievements of the platform is Microsoft’s laidback outlook in providing software updates.

Price:- 33,499 Rs

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