Nokia 106 Reviews: Features Specifications

Gone are the days when people only bragged about the utility and proficiency of the high end Smartphones only. Today is the time when many people are seen inclining towards the need for having a basic mobile phone with some basic feature and above all, lasting battery life.

Not only has this, but mobile phone companies are still having a close eye and are also keeping a vigil over what might be the users next takeaway. In this run once cannon forget the name of the mobile giant Nokia that has always endeavored to launch the mobile phones for all the class, whether high end or basic.

Since the market is heating up with the Smartphone rage, Nokia has again dared to play out of the box and has come up with its yet another new produce- Nokia 106. This might sound pretty astonishing task but that’s what the company has always been doing; taking care of almost everything and bringing along the risks to make a novelty count.
Let us quickly probe a bit deeper into the aspect to completely know how what the mobile phone has to offer us.

Design and build :

Aforementioned, the newest sibling in the Nokia’s family of basic mobile phone has nothing much to brag about. The design and build aspects are quite really simple and neat without anything much to shout or make a call for. Not only has this, the mobile phone is simple non multimedia one that just simply built for handling calls and sending text messages.

Talking about the total build dimension of the mobile phone then it measures approximately around 47.5 mm x 14.9 mm x 112.9 mm and has a total weight of 74.2 grams. Now, this clearly shows that the mobile phone is way simpler than what one might think it rather to be like.

There is no paradox that the mobile phone is designed for basic handling and carrying out basic operations. It has a simple bar form shape with a non QWERTY keypad making up the base and 1.8 inches QQVGA screen set at 128 x 160 pixels resolution making up the top most part.

Features laden :

It is said that the big surprises usually come in small packages! This is quite really obvious in this very case of Nokia 108. Whilst most of the people will be counting on the size of the mobile phone, they will surely overlook the line drawing battery backup of the same.

Even though the mobile doesn’t have much to offer in terms of its features and probably that is the only reason why it can stand high on its battery. Its phonebook is capable of piling up approximately 500 contacts in itself and the 800 mAh Li ion battery promises an immersive standby time of 840 hours.

So all in all, the mobile phone is a best buy for all those who suffer from extremely restricted budget but they can’t refrain from owning a mobile phone. And also the mobile phone is a good deal for those who want to keep an extra handset which they can use at the time when their primary mobile phone discharges. No matter what, the mobile phone is always a bet for you.

Verdict :

So, the mobile phone is certainly the one step solution for all those who wish to have a mobile phone but somehow they give over this thought due to their restricted budget. Apart from this, the only thing that makes this mobile phone as the apple of everyone’s eye is the transparent price tag that it comes loaded with. The Nokia 106 best price in India is set approximately at Rs. 1,500.

The author of this Guest Post is Alisha Singh, working with

Chif Editer at Digital Technology Times.

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